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REEL Ladies is a rapidly growing Online Professional Networking Community & Organization for Women in the Film & Entertainment Industry. Our goal is to promote, encourage, motivate, and educate fellow women in the industry through social networking. With our online community  of women filmmakers all over the world and innovative programs, we are providing and equipping  filmmakers with the necessary tools to have an empowering entertainment career!
We are creating an empowered COMMUNITY of women filmmakers who are networking with one another, hiring one another, referring one another and boldly moving forward to pursue their careers in entertainment with the  skills and connections to be a SUCCESS!

CURRENT PROGRAMS: REEL Chat, REEL Spotlight, Script Club, Actors Chat, Producers Corner and Goal Getters

~ Script Club is a monthly discussion with women filmmakers and entertainers to discuss Featured Scripts by women screenwriters. This group will give the writer feedback on story & character development in a positive casual atmosphere. As well as the writers sharing their writing style and process. This is an opportunity for women filmmakers to network and read the hottest scripts around town!
*All participants must sign a release*

~ Producer’s Corner is an interactive community of women producers that will discuss their film needs, exchange ideas and resources. Telecalls, chat sessions and meetups are all designed to help producers take their films and/or production companies to the next level.
Participants receive FREE downloads, articles, sample forms and contracts as well as telecalls with producers reps, distribution agents, entertainment lawyers and fellow producers.

~ ONLINE LIVE CHAT SESSIONS with fellow filmmakers and industry professionals on our Forums where ALL can participate regardless of their locations! Women from across the globe can come together and participate in Themed Discussions and hands on Tutorials, This is FREE for all participants and a fantastic chance for networking with like minded women from various locations around the world!!
Our chats have covered topics such as: Targeting Film Festivals, Writing Press Releases, Social Networking, Making Your Film Trailer and MORE!

~ Movie Nights, Vision Boards, Karaoke, Dinner & Cocktails, REEL Ladies provides social settings for women to meet up, relax and get away from the hustle & bustle of entertainment.

We hope you take advantage of our numerous programs and NETWORK with other women in the Filmmaking trenches. Many women have gone on to successfully collaborate on projects or advance in their profession through the contacts they’ve made through REEL Ladies.


REEL Ladies Founder, Nikki Love

REEL Ladies was founded in 2008 by Actress/Producer/Writer Nikki Love. Nikki’s vision was to create a community of women filmmakers in ALL fields of filmmaking. “This thing is much bigger than me, I’m just along for the ride. I’m just doing what God told me to do” states Nikki. “To empower women to succeed by creating a support group of fellow filmmakers in the trenches and a platform to showcase their work. To be honest and REAL about the obstacles, and pushing on in spite of.”

Since its conception, REEL Ladies has grown by leaps and bounds! Women from ALL OVER THE WORLD have reached out and shown support and enthusiasm for this new found group. “Women WANT to connect and share resources that are invaluable! What better way to do that than through workshops, events, networking mixers, chat sessions, newsletters and message boards” Nikki says when asked WHY? This group consists of women in multiple countries and REEL Ladies plans to reach even more!

When REEL Ladies opened its doors to Membership, Nikki brought her mother, Yvonne Lugo, on board. “Who better to be a Membership Director than a mother. The person that tells you that you are FABULOUS and has no doubt that you will succeed. That’s the person I wanted in these women’s corner. PLUS her hugs are just addictive!”. Yvonne Lugo, who has had a long standing reputable career in Real Estate, jumped at the chance to come on board. “This has been an amazing journey and I still am in awe of how God has moved in not only Nikki’s lives, but the lives of these women” states Yvonne as she talks about her daughter’s vision. “God is good and His plans are divine”.

This daughter mother duo says to stay tuned…they are just getting started!



10 responses to “About Us

  • Andrea Wiley

    SOULMATE has won top honors in seven film festivals and has been featured on NBC Nightly News. It continues to make its way around the world informing and inspiring single and married women and men.
    Many have said it has changed their lives!

    Visit http://www.soulmatefilm.com. You may also purchase SOULMATE at Barnes and Noble at The Grove, Eso-Won Book store, Zahra’s Books and Things, and Word Of Life Book Store.

  • Andrea Wiley

    SOULMATE explores the recent phenomenon of the high percentage of successful, professional women who are single and have no children. Issues of loneliness, intimidation, the biological clock, sex and marriage after 40 are examined in a most intimate and honest perspective from unforgettable women.

    • Adrienne

      Dear Andrea:
      God bless you, girl! I just saw Soulmate in Verizon FIOS free on demand movies. I have watched it 3 times in succession, and I am so moved to share this with my church. Could you provide your contact or email info so that I could contact you to see if you could come to moderate a discussion on this amazing and essential film?

      Silver Spring, MD

  • Valentina Caniglia

    I am a woman cinematographer based in New York and Los Angeles. I have been working for sometimes in the field now shooting Indipendet feature films, short films, commercials and music videos.
    I just finished shooting a feature film called “Pomegranates and Myrr” for four months in Palestine under difficult situation. The director ia a woman and we had two actors from the Oscar winner film “Paradise Now” Hiam Abbass and Ali Suleman. I would like to talk about my story there.

  • Nikki

    Thank you so much for sharing your projects with us! Do you have a link or website where the ladies can find you Valentina?

  • John

    Great site and useful content! Could you leave some opinion about my sites?
    My pages
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  • Valentina Caniglia

    Hi Nikki,

    Sorry for my super delayed response but I was back in Palestine this time to have a photography exhibition. My site is http://www.valentinacaniglia.net you can see my work there.

    This the explanation of my personal project supported by the General Italian Consualte in Jerusalem


    Naples-Palestine, a reportage taken in Palestine and Naples while Valentina Caniglia was working as Director of Photography in a movie.

    The pictures were taken from September 2007 to March 2008. The black and white pictures express the similarities of the two cultures, the Arabic and the Parthenopaean one.

    The photographs have been chosen according to a peculiar mix of lights and contrasts and they portrait the difficult daily life of those communities. They are the result of many experiences Valentina shared with the people of Palestine. Their face similarities, their similar way of living and habits, and the architecture inspired Valentina who shot portraits that express their simplicity, opposed to the difficulties they have to face in their daily life.

    These images and being in Palestine allowed Valentina to reminisce her childhood in southern Italy.

    Valentina Caniglia

  • Rebekah Voss

    Hi! I am an LA-based actress, producer and screenwriter. This fall I’m finishing up post-production on my first film, “Vanessa Rising,” which I wrote, produced and starred in.

    We had many great women working on the project, including our director and editor, e. E. Charlton-Trujillo. In July we held a highly successful benefit for the film in LA along with a screening of “The Making of Vanessa Rising.”

    The film was inspired by my own personal battles with depression and suicide, and is a short drama about a young woman who overcomes a myriad similar obstacles in her daily life. We’ve spent the last year of post-production aggressivley campaigning to raise funds for film festival submissions., and hope that with the film’s success, “Vanessa” will be able to educate and enlighten those affected by suicide and their loved ones.

  • Reel Ladies

    Hi Rebekkah,
    Do you have a website or trailer available to view more info on your film?

  • Sarah Anthony

    I’m looking for black female cinematographers for a documentary project. Anyone have a reel available?

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