REEL Ladies Updates 2-21-11

REEL Ladies Events
* Producers Corner Meetup: “Being a Showrunner” w/Adriane Hopper. THIS SATURDAY
* Producers Corner Legal Panel: “Dispelling Legal Myths For Filmmakers” March 12
* REEL Ladies Chat: “The Oscars” Feb. 27, 2011

REEL Ladies Actors Chat
* New Casting Assignments Posted
* New Casting Workshop Posted

REEL Ladies Producers Corner
Article: “Three Immutable Laws of the Movie Business” READ HERE

REEL Ladies Script Club
Featured Writer: Stephanie Sharp
Featured Script: A Man of My Past
Date TBA
Want to submit your script? VIEW HERE

REEL Ladies Site Happenings
New Members this week from New Zealand, Illinois, Florida and New York!
* Dele Ogundiran short film “Bathroom Vanities” at Pan African Film Festival
* Georgia Hilton looking for Script Supervisor in CT
* Recent Job Postings

QUICK TIPS: How to get your REEL Ladies Crew!
Looking for a director or cinematographer? Need help with Casting?

2. click on ADVANCE SEARCH
3. type in the INDUSTRY FIELD box what crew position you are looking for
4. search results will appear
*make sure to keep your page updated with current information for the ladies to find you!


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