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Featured Filmmaker: Jocelyn Towne

Jocelyn was born and raised in Los Angeles, attended Crossroads School for the Arts & Sciences and got her B.A. in Comparative Literature from UC Berkeley. She also studied dance at the Alvin Ailey School in New York. She got her first production assistant job at 17 on Jon Amiel’s film, “Copycat,” and continued to work as a p.a. for various indie films and commercials. Graduating after three years from UC Berkeley, she moved back to Los Angeles and attended the Meisner based Baron/Brown conservatory for two years. Having been a p.a. and wanting to get more experience on the set, Jocelyn worked for five months as a stand-in on Almost Famous, an incredible learning experience watching and participating in Cameron Crowe’s rehearsals with his actors and watching the amazing John Toll at work. In 2001, Jocelyn got a job as a reader for Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris. She helped them to find “Little Miss Sunshine.” In 2004 she joined the Antaeus Academy Company, a classical theatre group based in North Hollywood. As an actor she has had the pleasure of working with some of Los Angeles’ most talented theatre directors, and also several wonderful film/television directors, including Joel Zwick on “Elvis Has Left the Building,” Barbara Kopple on “Havoc” and Bob Odenkirk on an HBO pilot, “Derek & Simon.” She recently completed work in two films, now both in post-production, “The Loop,” starring Rachel Nichols, and “The Selling.” VIEW IMDB



I am I (Jocelyn Towne, Writer/Director)

I AM I is the story of a young woman, Rachael, who meets the father she never knew, Gene, at her mother’s funeral. She discovers that her father is completely delusional and believes her to be her dead mother. After Rachael visits Gene in an assisted living home, she learns that he suffers from a disease called Korsakov’s Syndrome, a form of retrograde amnesia and that her mother had placed him in this facility for treatment a year earlier. He does not remember anything past the age of thirty-three, and believes that he is still a young man. Unable to convince him of who she really is, Rachael decides to go along with her father’s delusions by pretending to be her mother and discovers that under this guise, she and Gene can have “normal” conversations. Before long, Rachael is visiting Gene everyday, finding new ways to bring elements from his past into their present relationship. What began as a search for understanding has become romantic and joyful, but it can’t go on forever. As Rachael pieces together the past and plays out memories for Gene, her need to be seen by her father, for who she truly is, grows strong.

I started writing “I Am I” over four years ago. As a child I often listened to the soundtrack from “The Man of La Mancha,” I loved Don Quixote’s songs, his certainty of self, his declaration to “dream the impossible dream.” I think I related him to my father, who is a dreamer himself, someone who interprets events with child-like wonder, conveniently forgetting things just to enjoy rediscovering them. “I Am I” is ultimately a story about love, love for one’s family, when it is put to the test of untold mysteries suddenly revealed. How the past can portray the present and the truth of who we really are when we see through the eyes of those we love and who love us – even when it is through the prism of delusions. http://www.IamIthefilm.com



Jocelyn will be discussing the film,  crowd funding, and the very successful Kickstarter Campaign they had. VIEW HERE


“Wonder Women”


Filmmaker Joslyn Rose Lyons is one of today’s rising stars on the independent film scene. In 2002, she founded her own film house, Jog9 productions, and directed, produced, wrote, shot and edited the award-winning feature length documentary film Soundz of Spirit (Common, Andre 3000, The Last Poets, KRS-1, Cee-Lo, Goapele, Talib Kweli – to name a few). The film premiered at the HBO Urban World
Film Festival, won Best Music Documentary at the New York International Film Festival, aired as part of a programming slate on Freespeech TV and was released for a limited time on dvd with an original soundtrack. Joslyn began working as a production assistant and coordinator on documentary and television specials for
Discovery Channel, MSNBC and PBS, with the Emmy award winning Paradigm Productions while still in college.

While freelancing as a segment producer for Pacific News Service, she wrote and produced segments for YO! TV in San Francisco and worked as a supervising producer and writer on a music-inspired pilot series for the CW Network (formerly WB/UPN), with Uth Television.

Joslyn later went onto direct/produce a poetry series for HBO with Los Angeles based Simmons Lathan Media Group, as part of their development of content for new media platforms: “Joslyn is a very talented and inspired filmmaker”, says Lee Gaither, Executive Vice President of development and production at Simmons Lathan Media Group. “It has been a pleasure working with her so far.”

The young director continued freelancing, becoming a West coast affiliate and segment producer for BET Networks, where she produced and wrote original content for Rap City, Top Ten Countdown and coverage for BET News. Joslyn Rose continued freelancing as a segment producer/writer, working for Emmy Award winning Current TV.

Joslyn’s passion for community has led her to serve as the director/producer and writer of a number of PSA commercials, including a Social Services multi media campaign geared towards bringing awareness to Alameda County’s foster care and adoption crisis. The producer brought together tv personality Sway ( MTV ) with music producer D’wayne Wiggins and actor Del Roy Lindo, to help bring a national voice to a regional campaign. After the
success of the series, the young filmmaker was brought on board to direct additional PSA’s for the county, this time to spearhead the child exploitation crises in the community.

Joslyn Rose recently directed a pilot sizzle reel with Mike Hill (ESPN), for a new talk show series, directing music videos including the new Idle Warship video for Talib Kweli, Res and Graph, and is finishing up her work as producer alongside Steven Acevedo (ABC director’s program) on the short film “Reggae Night” for Stuntman Inc.

Joslyn Rose has exciting projects on the horizon as well, most notably a docu-series “Wonder Women/Super Men” featuring Ananda Lewis, Janina Gavankar, DJ Rashida, to name a few.

WONDER WOMEN is a feature length documentary film series that highlights women from the current generation of actors and activists, make-up artists and musicians, filmmakers and writers, DJ’s and dancers, about their creative journey, their struggles and what inspires the wonder in their work. This film highlights the voice, the vision and the story, of women from across the entertainment spectrum up-close-and-personal, with intimate interviews and an intriguing dialogue.

What’s more, this inspired filmmaker who makes content that makes a difference, is in the early stages of a new series with ITVS production manager, writer and producer, miss Allison Davis, “The Womens Cinema Project”, www.womenscinemaproject.com.

All the while, Joslyn is getting ready to release a director’s cut of her film Soundz of Spirit, coming 2010.

Joslyn Rose
Wonder Women Documentary