NEW Producers Corner Benefits!

New Producers Corner Benefits

REEL Ladies has teamed up with industry professionals to bring you BRAND NEW SERVICES offered to indie filmmakers for their Feature Film, Short Film, Webisodes, Music Videos and Commercial projects. Producers Corner Members will not only receive the REEL Ladies Producers Corner Member Benefits but now have access to the services listed below BELOW the regular industry standard rates!

Producers Corner is now offering

* Script Coverage & Notes
Includes: In Depth Script Analysis and Script Reader comments to strengthen and improve your script
* Script Breakdown Services
Includes: Full Scene-by-Scene Script Breakdown, Detailed Shooting Schedule, Day out of Days for Cast, Sets, Locations, Vehicles, Special Elements and MORE!
* Film Business Plan (Feature Length projects ONLY)
Includes: In Depth Film Business Plan tailored to your specific project along with Executive Summary, Detailed Budget, Financial & Box Office Projections, Marketing & Distribution Strategies and MORE! Now you can deliver a comprehensive presentation to your investors.

* Production Budget
Includes: Budget Top Sheet, Prep Period Budget, ProductionnBudget, Standard Union Rates, Shooting Formats, Post Production, Contingency and MORE!

* Project Consultations
Includes: In depth consults after full project review to discuss production needs and concerns in terms of contacts, resources, planning, production, distribution, marketing and MORE!


Services available at the REGULAR INDUSTRY RATES

All inquiries, please email REEL Ladies with details of your project and someone will contact your with detailed analysis of Project and Quote.


All projects must be Copyrighted and/or registered with the WGA


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