Featured REEL Ladies: Girls Club Entertainment

Girls’ Club Entertainment was founded by Jennifer Siebel Newsom- actress, filmmaker, and First Lady of San Francisco. It was formed as an umbrella entertainment company to develop and produce independent films with strong social, political, and cultural significance focused primarily on empowering women.

 Jennifer Siebel Newsom graduated with honors from both Stanford University and Stanford Business School. She worked in Africa, Latin America, and Europe on assignments with Conservation International, a global environmental organization, where her primary focus was providing micro-enterprise opportunities to women.  Upon graduation from business school, she moved to Los Angeles where she performed in numerous films and TV shows (such as In the Valley of Elah, Something’s Gotta Give, Rent, The Nanny Express, Trauma, Life, Mad Men, and Numb3rs).  Jennifer formed Girls’ Club Entertainment, LLC as an umbrella entertainment company to develop and produce independent films with strong social, political,and cultural significance, focused primarily on empowering women.  Jennifer has produced three independent films.  She is currently writing, directing, and producing the documentary film Miss Representation. Jennifer sits on the Board  for the International Museum of Women while fulfilling her many duties as First Lady of San Francisco. In September 2009, Jennifer added a new role to her life as mother when she and Mayor Gavin Newsom welcomed their daughter, Montana Tessa Siebel Newsom.




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