Going Global Film Distribution Workshop

Date: Saturday, February 12, 2011
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Time: 9:30am – 6:00pm

Before you go out and start raising one dollar of financing for your film you need to have solid financing, marketing, and distribution plans in place. You need to have explored what type of financing makes sense for your particular project, who the target audience is, how you can reach and market to them, and what type of production AND distribution is ideal and realistic for your type of project and where you are in your career. You also need to ‘back into’ your budget so you are making a film for the ‘right’ price.

The problem today is that most filmmakers don’t bother to give this much thought before making their films. And because every film is different, every film will require a unique financing, marketing, and distribution strategy in order to succeed in the marketplace.

At Going Global 2.0 I’m going to focus on a holistic ‘third way’ approach to making movies that sell to audiences worldwide. Part traditional financing and distribution, and Part NON-TRADITIONAL financing and distribution – we’re going to explore how to marry the two.

Note: Some workshops focus only on ‘new’ distribution techniques and DIY…. this will not be one of those workshops!

Yes there’s a whole plethora of new financing, distribution, and marketing techniques, platforms, and tools for filmmakers today. But are they right for every project across the board? NO WAY! (yet many so-called ‘experts’ would have you believe that)

I believe the traditional way of making movies and distributing them is alive and kicking, for certain types of projects. Conversely, DIY may be the best choice for other types of projects. We’re going to distinguish between those two types of projects and learn how to succeed in both the ‘old’ world and the ‘new’ world. Most importantly, we’re going to pull back the curtain once and for all and I’ll show you realistic revenue scenarios whether you’re going the traditional, or the new non-traditional route with your project, or a hybrid of both. This will be a no B.S session on what’s really happening in the business today and how to go ‘third’ way with your projects.



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