REEL LADIES: Arianna Eisenberg & Lizabeth Rogers


Aegis Film & Television Group was founded in 2003 by its President, Arianna Eisenberg, a writer/producer with 15-years experience in the entertainment industry. Starting with Paramount Pictures in post-production Arianna worked with numerous producers and studio executives in production and development and acquisitions – including Paul Haggar, Dawn Steel and Don Simpson. She left production briefly to do research and write independent analysis of the entertainment industry for various news media outlets in Hollywood and around the world. She has been sought after for her on-air expertise by the BBC, CNN, ITN and Channel Nine Australia. A member of The Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators, Arianna is in negotiations with a major publishing house for the first novel in her series “Jemiyah Jones & The Fairies of Nir” also to be produced as a major motion picture. Arianna is a member of Women in Film, the AFI and a Patron of LACMA. VIEW IMDB

Lizabeth Rogers joined Aegis Film & Television Group in 2003 as production partner to Arianna Eisenberg with a primary responsibility to create and control budgets for each project, coordinate cast and crew schedules with a specialty in production cost control. With twenty five years experience in the entertainment industry, specializing in production systems design, implementation, reporting and controls, Liz brings her unique expertise to AFTG. Widely recognized in the studio community as the head of systems design for Warner Bros. Studios, Liz has had a hand in the coordination of over 300 films and 500 television episodes. A respected lecturer and trainer, Liz has contributed her knowledge to major studios including Disney, Fox and Paramount and production facilities such as Todd-AO, Soundelux, Goldwyn Studios and Pacific Title and Arts Studio. Liz also heads the Documentary Film division and has lead the team to nearly a dozen different festival awards with “On Sacred Ground” and “Catching Dreams” and is currently in post production on “Dark Water” an expose’ on the contamination of our water supply by American as well as foreign mining companies. VIEW IMDB.

Based on his novel “The Shamrock Boy” Stuart White captures the drama, pain, betrayal and loss during the dark days of the ‘troubles’ in Northern Ireland.

Set in the early 1980’s Dermot McGarvey (Tony CurranGladiator, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Pearl Harbor, Miami Vice), the Irish Republican Army’s premiere assassin sets out with two fellow soldiers to run a raid on British troops in a small village in the North of Ireland. The misfire of his rifle during the ensuing attack takes the life of innocent civilians and costs the life of Dermot’s friend and comrade Seamus.

The deaths of innocent bystanders result in the nationwide uproar of both British and Irish citizens. Add to this the grief of British Officer Joe Biddle (Martin KempThe Krays, Embrace of the Vampire), as he learns that his son David has also been killed in the attack. Joe requests and is granted a special assignment, to hunt down and capture Dermot McGarvey.

Betrayed by friends and family, Dermot is on the run and fate reunites him with a love from the past, Kathy Monahan (Claire Forlani – Meet Joe Black, Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius) the daughter of Irish/American Senator Patrick Monahan ( Pete PostlethwaiteIn the Name of the Father, The Omen, The Constant Gardener). As Kathy and Dermot’s relationship develops, she attempts to garner his freedom using her fathers’ political influence.

A fugitive from friend, foe and family, Dermot and Kathy race across Ireland, followed closely behind by the IRA, Ben Kingsley (Gandhi, Schindler’s List), the British and his younger sister Nulla (Thora BirchAmerican Beauty).

Starring Oscar© winner Brenda Fricker (My Left Foot, A Time to Kill, Veronica Guerin) as Aunt Kathleen, “Crossmaglen” brings to light the vicious cycle of hatred, war and revenge; and in a surprising twist – redemption.

THE EXAMINER – Oscar Winning Stars to appear in ‘Crossmaglen’



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