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Barbie Elias-DeSantis was born and raised in Cub Hill, Maryland and
is the creator and writer of “Hotflash”. The idea for this comedy comes from Barbie’s real life experiences.

She was thrown into menopause for medical reasons. As the result of
a medical procedure at 40, this young spirited, vibrant, fun loving, life of the party personality was thrown into the change of life 15 minutes after surgery. The immediate symptoms of menopause caused: depression, lack of sleep, hot flashes, memory loss, and mood swings. Life has never been the same for anyone around her. Dealing with these demon like side-effects can pull your spirit down. But not in this case. Barbie decided to channel all that negative energy into a good thing. And so the movie Hotflash was born. While we are going through menopause we might as well laugh!

After meeting a wonderful acting coach and going to her classes Barbie took acting and film more serious. Barbie always had ideas for comedy films. This was a 3 year project. Writing and rewriting. I am so fortunate to have the support and love from my husband and my 3 wonderful children, John, Mike and Steven who also dabble in film.”


Hot Flash is a unique, original story that anyone may relate to. Menopause, mid-life crisis and the comedic tragedy of aging parents; it’s all in there. This comedy is centered around Beverly,
a young woman whose whole world is altered in an instant by the
medical need for a full hysterectomy that induces immediate menopause. Beverly goes into the hospital as her sweet, quiet,
generous self and returns as an exciting new woman who takes no
grief from anyone.

Her life revolves around family, friends and a whole alliance of senior citizens whose boring daily routines becomes the journey of their lives. Beverly not only transforms her own life, but takes all of us along for the ride.

Everyone can relate to the symptoms of a menopausal woman. Add
children, a husband, a job and her live in in-laws to that emotional roller coaster and you have “Hot Flash”, the movie. After seeing this film, you will look at getting older and going through the change with a whole new perspective.


Hotflash took first place in the Indie Short film competition!
Indie Short Film Competition

Best In Short Film Award



RL: when did you know you wanted to be a filmmaker?

BS: I have always known I wanted to be a filmmaker since I was
very young. I have always had a comedic imagination and would write
a lot.

RL: This story was based on some events happening in your own life,
going through menopause. How are you handling that?

BS: I had a full hysterectomy when I was 40 years old and I am
now 49 and still going through menopause.

I handle it great. Not the type to let it ruin my life. I am still
getting hotflashes, not as much, but the little hotflash fans I had
made work great!

RL: If you don’t mind telling us, what was the budget for this
short? what’s the anticipated budget for the feature?

BS: The budget was around $29,000. Depending what stars are
involved we think this would be a very inexpensive movie to make
because it is very basic with no special effects.

RL: What was the most difficult thing you had to face making this

BS: There was nothing difficult about making this film project.
Everyone was so nice and I love creating and writing so much that
filming this was great. I can work with anyone!

RL: What’s the current status of this project?

BS: The current status of this project is trying to pitch it to
get the financial backing so we can make the entire film.

RL: What are your hopes for this film?

BS: The current status of this project is trying to pitch it to
get the financial backing so we can make the entire film.

RL: How do you manage juggling films & family?

BS: I juggle my family and films great. I have 3 sons and 2
still live at home. They are very independent. One is 15 and the
other is 22 and he is in college for nursing. My oldest is 28 and
lives down the street. Actually my 2 oldest boys are in the video.
They are the 2 hot guys in the jeep that get mooned.

RL: What’s next for you?

BS: Whats next is I am writing another comedy film right now.
Another original.

RL: What inspires you?

BS: Life situations and people inspire me most. I love to make
people happy, its what I do best (besides creating and writing


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