REEL Lady: Casting Director Nancy Bishop


Nancy Bishop, C.S.A., is an Emmy-nominated casting director, author, acting coach, and head of the Film Acting Department at the Prague Film School.

With more than 60 major feature film and television projects among her credits, Nancy has cast and instructed literally hundreds of actors throughout Europe, the United Kingdom and the U.S.

Nancy has been retained as casting director by dozens of major feature film and television producers and directors, including including George Lucas, (Red Tails), Joel Schumacher (Bad Company) and Roman Polanski (Oliver). She also was nominated for an Emmy Award for her casting work on Anne Frank: The Whole Story, ABC/Disney Studios.

Nancy specializes in casting in Prague, the film capital of Europe. Prague has been home to hundreds of international productions, including feature films such as the Bourne Identity, Van Helsing, The Illusionist, Hellboy, and the recently released Wanted and Prince Caspian.

Nancy is author of the recently released Secrets From The Casting Couch, the first book written from a casting director’s perspective that teaches the craft of film casting and offers specific techniques for working in front of the camera. Part how-to and part workbook, Secrets contains valuable exercises that actors can practice to achieve results in the casting studio.

“Any actor who is serious about his or her career should read this book,” said Matthew Stillman, Producer: Casino Royale, Wanted, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. This book has received numerous raves from industry professionals.

Nancy is a native of New England and trained as an actor and director at the University of Michigan and the National Theatre Institute. She earned a Master’s of Arts degree in theatre at Northwestern University. Nancy began her career as an actor, director and drama teacher in Chicago. In the 1990′s, she helped to found two cutting-edge theatre companies that are still going strong today: Strawdog Theatre and Theater Oobleck.

In the early 90’s, Black Box Theater lured Nancy to Prague, where she produced and directed a number of plays, and launched touring productions throughout Europe.

Now in addition to casting, Nancy continues to guest lecture internationally, offering on-camera master classes and seminars to enhance an actor’s on-camera skills and career marketing. In 2009 she founded the Acting For Film Program, the Prague Film School, which offers an intensive, conservatory style training (half year or full year) program for actors in English. She is also very active on the International Film Festival Circuit, where she regularly produces and partakes in panel discussions and symposiums on the casting process.


Secrets from the Casting Coach: On Camera Strategies for Actors From a Casting Director is a practical guide, offering effective techniques for success in the casting studio.

Secrets is the first book written from a casting director’s point of view that teaches the craft of film auditioning, offering specific techniques for working in front of camera. It addresses casting in the Internet age, and suggests strategies for using today’s technologies to book roles internationally.

Secrets is part “how to” book and part workbook, with valuable exercises that actors can practice to achieve results in the casting studio and in online casting sessions.

Secrets is instructive, but also peppered with fun anecdotes and amusing illustrations that make for an entertaining read.

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Nancy was recently in Los Angeles speaking on various panels and workshops. For those of you who missed the GLOBAL CASTING AND THE INTERNET panel. WATCH HERE



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