From fan to STAR!

Received this post from Member Kristina’s Hughes Group, PerformerForums.

Battle Cry: “Don’t waste your time collecting other people’s autographs. Rather, devote it to making your own autograph worth collecting.” — George Bernard Shaw
Fighting Words: Oh yeah! What a wonderful suggestions. When I ask most people what networking means, the inevitable response I get is that it means ‘getting out there and meeting people’. Nice try, but that’s lame. Networking does not mean meeting people; networking means becoming the type of person other people want to meet. Doesn’t that make so much more sense? Stop trying to ‘meet movie stars’, or ‘meet influention people’ or ‘meet casting directors’ or ‘meet producers’ or ‘meet the man’. Your mission should be to get your reputation to such a point that they want to meet YOU. ‘Cause this put you in the power seat. Get it? You absolutely must make this mental switch in your head. The moment you stop trying to collect other’s autographs, and start working to make your autograph something worth collecting, you’ll have made the transition from ‘fan’ to ‘star’. Once you do, everything changes, and you’ll notice the difference. You’ll be welcomed into the world of the superstar.

(Excerpted from Monroe Mann’s book, “Battle Cries for the Underdog”)
Thanks for sharing Kristina!!!

WOW is all I can say! This came right on time as I am planning a new program to launch for you REEL Ladies. We will be launching our program to help you and equip you for setting your career goals.
And not only setting the goals but turning them into REALITY. Using the resources and the women right in front of you to achieve your goals. And most importantly, discussing what’s holding you back. What is your attitude behind the goal.

Put yourself in the power seat, making the mental switch in your head and transition from FAN to STAR! Isn’t that powerful? So let’s brainstorm ladies and state our goals and plot out how to go about achieving them. BUT NOT STOPPING THERE! Of course not. Because you can have a set plan but if you are not held accountable then it doesn’t matter. With intense brainstorming sessions, this program will hold you accountable to break down your goals step by step and set realistic dates set to accomplish them!

I am curious to what you think.
What is your take on putting yourself out there and building your reputation so that the industry wants to meet YOU? How are you putting the info out there about yourself, your films, your projects, your talent?

What do you think about having a supportive group of women that will help you to do that by accomplishing set career goals and using the resources and women at your disposable?


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