The “Business” of Show

Ihave been thinking. How does one stay focused in this industry of creativity? How do you find your balance of being creative and being a BUSINESS WOMAN? Would love to hear your thoughts and what works for you.

Part of the business is Pitching. Talking about your projects. Being concise, being clear so that whether you are pitching to a Studio Exec, to Producers, everyone walks away wanting to hear MORE! I had a great time at the REEL Ladies Pitching Workshop with Ilyssa Goodman. We heard some great pitches from Anya, Donald and Laura. Learned some do’s and dont’s. How to get meetings, the elevator pitch and so much more
The event took place at the Mondrian Hotel and afterwards we went upstairs and hung out at Skybar, WOW what a view!!
So if you missed the event, we have PICS POSTED HERE.

Mark your calendars for the next workshop, BUSINESS ESSENTIALS FOR ENTERTAINERS. October 17, 2009. This seminar will be with Isha Edwards (Epic Measures LLC) and talking about key points for Entertainers. Many of us get so caught up in the creativity of our jobs and forget this is a BUSINESS. A few topics we will be discussing:
Finance, Accounting, Management, Marketing, Law Information Systems/Technology and Economics PLUS one key activity, NETWORKING as a foundation for the seminar.

This is going to be a good one and hopefully helps you to be more aware of the business side of what we do.

So we have our SCRIPT CLUB EVENT this Friday. Featuring Courtney Franklin’s Script “French Witch of Jamaica”. Courtney was our Script Club launch last year so I am looking forward to having her back and reading something else of hers. We are still taking submissions, so if you want your SCRIPT FEATURED make sure to submit and get feedback on your writing!

In the meantime, just for fun and hanging out, we’re putting together a NETWORKING MIXER at the Roosevelt Hotel. Just a night out at the infamous Hollywood spot to chit chat and spending time to get to know each other. Let’s talk about your projects and make connections!

Tanya Kersey had a great guest on her radio show recently, Anna Marie Gillen. She talked about FILM FINANCING PROJECTIONS which I thought was really interesting. Again, you have to think BUSINESS and numbers when it comes to your film projects. She made some wonderful points. Wonder if I could get her out for Producers Corner??!! Hehe!

Speaking of Producers Corner, we just posted a Sample Cast Letter of Intent and Sample SAG Agreement (Modified Low Budget and Low Budget). DOWNLOAD FORMS, You ladies have been kind of quiet in the participation in the group. I hope you are getting what you need out of it. Feel free to post your own discussions and questions and needs. We are currently arranging our October speakers and telecalls, so details will be coming soon.

We did book Producer Lisa Cortes for REEL Radio next Monday. Lisa was the CoProducer on The Woodsman (starring Kevin Bacon) and her most recent project is Precious, which she is one of the Executive Producers. PRECIOUS is a Lee Daniels Film set to hit theatres in November. Can’t wait for this film, been hearing great things about it!

Think that will be a good time to do a Movie Night?

Anywhoo, make sure to join us in the CHAT SESSION tonight as we talk about writing your Press Releases for your films. When to write them, making them professional etc…

I am now about to catch up on my TiVo and watch my Season Premieres from this week. Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Grey’s Anatomy (which I already watched, but warrants a second viewing!! LOL). Any new shows that you would recommend??


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