June Script Club: YUGO Girl


Join REEL Ladies in our NEW OFFICE SPACE for our monthly meetup & discussion of women filmmakers to discuss the latest scripts around town. We give screenwriters feedback on their script, plot, characters, format and more!

Moderated by Producer Ilyssa Goodman who will facillitate a “Pitching Exercise”, showing screenwriters how to effectively pitch their scripts.

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June Script Club
Featured Writer: Pat Branch
Moderator: Ilyssa Goodman
(Former Studio & Broadcast Executive. Producer – Cinderella Story, starring Hillary Duff & Chad Michael Murray)

Script: YUGO Girl!
Genre: family action adventure
Tag Line: It’s a good thing she can fly because her car keeps breaking down.
Log Line: She was an ordinary girl on the threshhold of an ordinary life when a sudden bolt of
lightening changed her life into something extraordinary.

Synopsis: Vanessa Gains drives a YUGO, has just received a Masters Degree in journalism, and starts work at KVLA-TV, LA’s #1 local news station, on Monday morning. It’s the Saturday morning before and she’s getting her hair done. It’s raining. Stormy. Thunderclaps. Lightening. A bolt hits the beauty shop as her hairdresser’s electric curling iron adds finishing touches to a lovely fresh do. The bolt knocks the power out and streaks Vanessa’s black hair with white plus turns her brown eyes ice blue. Very soon, it’s also obvious that Vanessa runs way faster than her personal best when she ran for UCLA in the Olympics. She’s also unusually strong, has bulletproof skin, and can see through things if she wears those 2 x-ray specs sold on the back page of old comic books. Then-
YIKES!-she eventually realizes that she can fly.

Her nemesis, Victor Crosius, is a cocky serial bank robber turned incidental murderer. Actually, it’s YUGO Girl who’s more of his nemesis, than he hers, as she foils his bumbling assistants, George, Robert, and their cosmetically challenged bomb expert, Pinto-who resembles the horse and drives many versions of the car. Their job is to raise illegal capital so they can blast Victor out of the courthouse during his right to a speedy trial.

Meanwhile, when she isn’t YUGO Girl, Vanessa lives her life as any young woman in this sudden and unexpected role must. She dons her subtle disguise, dates a hunky news cameraman, Jaime, and uses her entry-level broadcast news position to get the jump
on the everyday mishap and routine tyrant, villain or mayhem maker in her City of Angels.

Click link to download script

Saturday June 13, 2009

Blank Spaces
5405 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Free for Members
$5 NonMembers
Light snacks and beverage provided or bring your own!

What you will receive:
Tips on how to pitch your script
FREE article on how to write a successful query letter
Participation in group discussion on feedback to the writer


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