Missed it? “Night of Reels”

I had a BLAST yesterday at the “Night of Reels” Demo Reel Showcase! Thank you so much to those that came out.

We had Fantastic Speakers:
*Actress/Booking Coach, Amy Lyndon (The Lyndon Technique)
*Casting Director Sherrie Henderson (Dream Big Casting)
*Casting Director Twinkie Byrd (Twink of An Eye Casting)
*Talent Agent Kathleen Schultz (Kathleen Schultz & Associates)
*Talent Agent Sharon Morris (Actors LA Talent Agency)

We had fantastic selected demo reels submitted by great actresses:
BLove Orr, Dana Hanna, Danielle Arnold, Gabrielle Eubank, Kristina Hughes, Jamie Burke, Nikki Love, Rose Sias, Sonja Fisher, Susan Shearer, Vikki Gurdas

Here are a few QUICK TIPS about Demo Reels that our speakers shared with us:

“I would rather see one line in a scene with a known actor, then a 1 minute scene of you as the lead” – Casting Director Twinkie Byrd (Twink of An Eye Casting)

“Have 2 demo reels. One dramatic, one comedic. It might be expensive, but you can’t afford NOT to invest in your BUSINESS especially if you expect others to invest in you!” – Talent Agent Kathleen Schultz (Kathleen Schultz & Associates

“Make sure the scene is about YOU, not the other performer in the scene with you!” – Booking Coach Amy Lyndon (The Lyndon Technique)

“CLOSE UPS! Can’t say it enough. Try to start with a close up shot of just YOU” – Talent Agent Sharon Morris (LA Actors Talent Agency)

“If your reel doesn’t wow me in the first 30 seconds, then I won’t finish watching!” – Casting Director Sherrie Henderson (Dream Big Casting)



* “Nikki, I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” for having me be a part of such a wonderful evening. You did a wonderful job and presented some very talented people that I hope to get to know better!” – Talent Agent Sharon Morris (LA Actors Talent Agency)

* “Made some nice connects & a re-connect with Twinkie! Thank U!” – Actor Edwin Morrow

* “I learned that you don’t have to have a LOT of scenes on your reel. Sometimes just one will do the trick! And that is so helpful” – Actress, Producer Rhonda Morman

* “I enjoyed the Demo Reel Showcase yesterday. I thought you did a great job creating and hosting a quality event. The panel gave great information, and they were entertaining too! Thank you!” – Deirdre Wagner



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One response to “Missed it? “Night of Reels”

  • Rose Sias

    Thank you for this forum. It was completely supportive and the information was just what I was looking for! Along with my glass of wine, I got a cup full of motivation and a bucket of empowerment! I thank you and all of the Casting Directors and Agents for their forthright and intelligent guidance. I owe my next 6 bookings to you all! Cheers!

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