Emmy Award Winner Cristina Perez on REEL Radio

REEL Ladies Presents Emmy Award Winner Cristina Perez
Join us May 11, 2009 for our REEL Radio Program with Cristina!

In 2006, Cristina made her English-language television debut on Twentieth Television’s first-run syndicated court show “Cristina’s Court.”In its debut year, the show became the second highest-rated new show in U.S. syndication. “Cristina’s Court” airs Monday through Friday on the FOX Network, FOX’s MyNetworkTV and its affiliate stations.

In 2008, “Cristina’s Court” won the first ever Emmy Award for Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Program. The show’s win was the first ever for a FOX daytime show.

Cristina was the first television Judge-Host to crossover from Spanish-language to English-language television. As the FIRST FEMALE to have a nationally syndicated Spanish-language network court series, Cristina presided over “La Corte de Familia” (Family Court). Enormously popular in the U.S., “La Corte de Familia” was Telemundo/NBC’s number two daytime show for four straight seasons. The program also aired internationally in 15 countries. Prior to that, Cristina made her television debut as the Judge-Host of “La Corte Del Pueblo” (The People’s Court) (Telemundo/NBC).

Cristina brings a fresh way of connecting with people. She is considered the ultimate crossover host, who while being a hip, professional, multicultural woman, always seeks to introduce traditional values into the lives of people young and old. Cristina does not wear “rubber gloves” in her courtroom which allows her the unique ability to connect with her litigants on a very warm and personal level by sharing her wisdom, background, and moral beliefs with everyone who stands before her. Consequently, she appeals to young and old audiences everywhere.

Simon & Schuster/ATRIA
Cristina is currently the Los Angeles County Bar Association Spokesperson for its Lawyer Referral and Information Service — a position formerly held only by The People’s Court Judge Wapner. In 2007, Cristina was named as one of “America’s Ten Most Inspirational Women” by Siempre Mujer magazine (special introduction by Hillary Clinton). In 2005, Cristina was selected as a California’s “Woman of the Year” for her community service and activities and was named one of “America’s Top 10 Latina Advocates” for making the world a better place for women and Latino’s rights, by the national magazine Latino Leaders.



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