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REEL Ladies Presents Page Ostrow
Producer’s Representative
Ostrow and Company was founded by veteran entertainment industry executive Page B. Ostrow who has arranged financing and or negotiated distribution for over 150 feature films and numerous documentaries working initially on behalf of numerous international distributors until 2000 when inspired by a vision to protect the interests of independent filmmakers, Page Ostrow shifted the company focus to representing films and projects on behalf of filmmakers and producers requiring distribution and financing. Ostrow’s background includes working under contract for Initial Entertainments Graham King distributor/producer of Oscar winning films such as ‘The Departed’, ‘The Aviator’ and ‘Blood Diamond’. These days, in order to find, negotiate track and collect on deals for independent filmmakers and producers Ostrow relies on her extensive relationships and the previous distribution expertise developed during the ten years she spent providing distributors with global sales support, licensing and pre-sales for their film projects and libraries to international buyers at all the film markets. As a result Page Ostrow maintains her contacts with key executives who have a shared vision toward launching quality films into the marketplace.

Page talks to REEL Ladies about key elements filmmakers need to know when looking for a Producer’s Rep, what Ostrow & Company looks for in submissions, and what she would like to see from women filmmakers!


Ostrow and Company is located on the old Warner Hollywood Studio Lot on ten acres at the corner of Santa Monica Blvd and Formosa Avenue in West Hollywood. The history of the studio dates back to the 1920’s when it was owned by Charlie Chaplin who sold it to Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, later joined by Samuel Goldwyn to form United Artists prior to the Warner Brothers sale in the 1980’s. Among the famous movies filmed here were classics like ‘Some Like It Hot’ and ‘Westside Story,’ along with recent hits such as ‘Basic Instint,’ ‘Green Mile,’ and the current HBO series “True Blood.”

Ostrow and Company believes in supporting the creative process behind a motion picture that begins with a compelling story and ultimately changes the way people think globally. The thoughtful execution of the story in a feature film or documentary is what makes it entertaining to watch. The skillful navigation through the Hollywood landscape is what allows the film to arrive and be seen by as many people as possible.

Ostrow and Company has arranged financing and or negotiated distribution for over 150 feature films and numerous documentaries. Our commitment is to good story telling that is compelling and entertaining. Our passion is to negotiate the business of film distribution and finance for producers and filmmakers who want to make a difference by delivering films that raise the consciousness of the viewer.

Ostrow and Company handles all aspects of the business of film so that the creative team can focus on what they do best- Create! Hopefully, the result is that the world is a better place.

Ostrow and Company focuses on three main areas of business for the filmmakers, independent producers and production companies:
* Find and negotiate distribution and licensing in all platforms for completed films
* Arrange financing for film projects in development
* Raise finishing funds for films stuck in post-production
Ostrow and Company negotiates deals for international and domestic distribution for all rights including theatrical, television and home entertainment. We strategically roll out with a film or project. We also follow up to track sales and handle collections on behalf of our clients.

Ostrow and Company provides a constant flow of quality films to the marketplace by scouting all the major film festivals, television and film markets. We are steadily building our staff of creative executives who attend film festivals, screenings and events. We aim to connect with the creative community who deliver the type of films we believe in and who see the benefit in engaging us to provide the kind of business support we offer as producers representatives.

We role out wide with a film or project in order to provide the opportunity for the executives to simultaneously experience the product at the studios, mini majors and independent international and domestic distribution companies. Creating a sense of urgency and ‘buzz’ is something we are known for and allows us to leverage interest from the various distribution platforms in order to create bidding wars. A specific strategic game plan is designed for each new completed film we have been engaged to represent in or out of the festival circuit.

For more about Producer’s Rep Page Ostrow (President, Ostrow & Company)
Company Website:

1041 North Formosa Ave.
Formosa Building, Studio Lot
West Hollywood, Ca., 90046
To read more press on Ostrow and Company please visit

For film library press or submission policy visit



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