REEL Member Spotlight: BiBi DeAngelo

BiBi DeAngelo was born on June 25th, and was raised in the Washington, D.C. area. She died (and came back to life) at age 5 in an accident; being impaled by an object that left a 5 inch scar on her chest. Throughout elementary school BiBi loved to perform in school plays. BiBi had a deep desire to travel, and has in fact lived on 3 continents. Upon returning to America, December 1990, she settled in the Los Angeles area in California. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, a moment of “fate & destiny” occurred when her friend Gunnar Keel (son of legendary singer and actor Howard Keel) introduced her to internationally known Astrologer, Linda Goodman’s longtime business associate Philip di Franco. Linda was best known for her books “Sun Signs” & “Love Signs”. It was Philip di Franco who introduced BiBi to Linda Goodman. In 1995, on Fathers Day, BiBi appeared in her girlfriend, Linda Goodman’s national TV commercial – with Larry King and Jeff Stearn. Please visit You Tube Interview with Philip di Franco

BiBi has been assisting and guiding entertainment Professionals from every faucet of the Entertainment business. She has observed her clients win their Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe, Grammy, and SAG Awards – which she has said were some of her most cherished moments in her career. She uses the Science of Astrology to select casting, and to hire professionals so the entire production is one big compatible group that creates the best film shoots. She specializes in negotiations with A-List Stars, Producers, Directors, Managers & Agents so a win-win situation arises – to ascertain what all parties need – and to deal with resolution settlements. She charts out everyone’s Astrological Psychological Profiles sheets so all parties know how to effectively communicate with each other, and how NOT TO treat and talk to each other to trigger ego and drama during productions hours. She has also been quoted saying she loves to assist souls in obtaining their fame so they can turn around and take that fame to make a difference on the planet. Her Website is: She has appeared on numerous Cable TV shows from 1996 to 2006. BiBi has also consulted behind the scenes on: Fire Down Below, The Patriot, Fern Gulley: The Last Rainforest, American Me, Rising Sun, Mortal Kombat, Virtuosity, Starship Troopers, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, Multiplicity, Executive Decision, Glimmer Man, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, The Art of War, Monster’s Ball, Die Another Day, Catwoman, Lackawanna Blues. She has consulted behind the scenes in the following TV Series: Space Rangers, Nash Bridges, Everyone Loves Raymond. In Spring of 2007, BiBi was accepted into the entertainment organization “Women In Film.” She owns her own Production Company “A Stars Production” and has now branched out into Production work. She started as Production Executive for a Documentary “Metaphysia” now in post-production. See trailer at:

She just Casted Stefanie La Rue in the Women In Film Public Service Announcement (PSA) for Breast Cancer for young women. The SLAM Advocacy Movement PSA was produced by WIF, and released on Cable Channels in the Los Angeles area initially. BiBi served as the Los Angeles Liaison for the 22nd Nappa Sonoma Wine Country Film Festival – which she secured the Documentary on Clint Eastwood to be screened. BiBi is also enjoying Radio Appearances. She was just interviewed on November 10, 2008 on LA Talk Radio Show with Eddie Conner & Psychic Dave, LISTEN HERE. She is schedule to appear in more radio spots.

You may visit BiBi’s website and obtain more insight from the various Website Profiles on her at: Gaia, ZoomInfo, Linkedin, Xing, Hollywood Omnibook, Eentv, Women In Film,, and she will be posting her new profile for Reel Ladies. When you visit BiBi’s website you can also learn the various other Spiritual & Transformational Media groups she is a member of in the Los Angeles area. BiBi’s has attached herself a one of the Producers in the Documentary “Gandhi Peace Walk” in which several celebrities from all walks of life are being interviewed on their thoughts regarding Peace and Green ECO communities, to learn more about this project watch below

**Visit BiBi’s REEL Ladies Profile HERE**


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