Global Distribution for your film

Going Global 2-Day Boot Camp:

Do You Want Global Distribution For Your Film?

Attend Stacey Parks’ Boot Camp where you’ll learn the most effective ways to get your projects made, seen and distributed worldwide!

April 25 & 26, Viceroy Hotel, Santa Monica, CA

Whether your have a completed film, or a project you are trying to get off the ground, this 2-day Boot Camp will show you how to take your project to the next level, no matter what stage of production you are in.

Let’s face it, getting your project up and running, or getting distribution for your completed film is no easy task, especially in this economy.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, it is entirely plausible to get your project going, and your completed film sold all over the world…EVEN in this economically challenged environment. And me, and my team of guest experts are going to show you HOW, at the GOING GLOBAL BOOT CAMP!

At this Bootcamp you’ll discover:

• Exactly what you need to do to move your script or completed film forward to the next stage
• How to get the best deal for your competed film
• How to avoid nasty pitfalls when dealing with sales agents and distributors
• The benefits/drawbacks of working with sales agents vs. going directly to distributors
• How to find the right sales agent
• How to negotiate the best possible deal with sales agents
• What to look out for in sales agent and distributor deals
• A breakdown of distribution deal structures
• ‘Outside the box’ international financing and distribution models
• How to project revenue for your project
• How to launch and market your film competitively in the global marketplace
• How to effectively leverage international film markets at all stages of production
• How to cast and package your project to gain the attention of investors, agents, and financing partners
• How to prepare your script for raising money
• How to prepare a realistic business plan
• How to create a great package to present to potential investors
• How to get international financing and international co-production partners on board
• How to create a strategy for your film’s distribution, specific to YOUR film and YOUR audience, at any stage
• WHY a new way of looking at old distribution models is the way for you to retain control of your films, and your career
• How to nail down a system that you can apply to each and every project in your production slate



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