Proud Mary!


From key members of The Passion of the Christ creative team, comes “Mary, Mother of Christ”

Aloe Entertainment, along with Producer Mary Aloe and Executive Producer Mike Dolan are pleased to announce the epic event movie “Mary, Mother of Christ.”

The global search was on for “Mary”, as fierce competition heated up around the world among both well-known and unknown actresses. Camilla Belle (‘10,000 BC’, Push) was chosen for the coveted role.
The film also stars Golden Globe winner Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Match Point, August Rush) as Gabriel and Lucifer, Golden Globe winner Peter O’Toole (Lawrence of Arabia) as Symeon. Producers are in
talks with Academy Award winner Al Pacino (The Godfather, Scarface) for the role of Herod, and two time Academy Award winner Jessica Lange (Blue Sky, Tootsie) for the role of Anna the Prophetess.

“This is not a Christmas movie,” says Aloe. “This is a part of Mary’s life that has never been shown on the big screen before. It takes us through Mary’s youth, young love, her life as a new mother, and the triumph through the absolute terror of Herod the Great’s reign. It is truly a story of real female empowerment.”

Key members of the creative team from The Passion of the Christ come together, including the writer, technical script advisor, costume designer, PR and marketing team. The picture is directed by award winning Argentinean director Alejandro Agresti (Valentin, The Lake House). Carla Hool (Apocalypto, Man on Fire) and associates have been at the helm of casting. Other producers are executive producers Mauricio Sanchez and James Volk, producer Rodrigo Berlanga, line producer Tim Van Relim and co-producer Scott Putman. Aloe’s production partner is Dune Films (Hildago, Prince of Persia,
Babel) in Morocco where the film starts principal photography in May.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) Pictures will distribute the film wide in 2,000 plus theaters with a 2010 release date. “We are looking forward to releasing a film that will lift spirits and inspire,” commented Erik Lomis, Executive Vice President International Theatrical and Home Video, MGM. Media 8 Entertainment will handle international sales and distribution for the film, and will debut the project for its buyers at the upcoming European Film Market in Berlin.

In developing the official website, Aloe is working with a cutting edge, live HD portal patent company, with a full screen web streaming capability that has not yet launched publicly. This technology provides live stream progress/behind the scenes content and live streaming of faith based events worldwide. The portal will be donating generous portions of the e-commerce model to organizations and provide a virtual social network for those interested in the film/faith based communities.

About Aloe Entertainment

Aloe Entertainment is the umbrella corporation for Proud Mary
Entertainment and is run by Mary Aloe. The groups recent film
accolades include Battle In Seattle (Directed by Stuart Townsend,
with an ensemble cast including Charlize Theron, Woody Harrelson,
Martin Henderson, Michelle Rodriguez, Andre Benjamin, Ray Liotta,
Connie Neilsen and Channing Tatum), While She Was Out (starring Kim Basinger and Lukas Haas), Tortured (starring Laurence Fishburne and James Cromwell) and When A Man Falls In The Forest (starring Sharon Stone and Timothy Hutton.) Mary Aloe’s vast funding experience and successful track record enable Aloe Entertainment and PME to develop/produce independent and studio features, television series, network/cable event movies. Her corporate alliances assure significant theatrical releases which give the company a powerful advantage in distribution negotiations and enhanced ancillary revenue.

Aloe Entertainment website:


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