REEL Lady: Photographer, Cathy Bono

The first step is the most important step! JNL Media talks with Headshot Photographer, Cathy Bono

JNL: How long have you been doing headshot photography?

CB: I have been shooting headshots since 2003. 80% of my clients are women and I love my job because of that! I’ve had the privilege of meeting some of the most unique and inspiring females in LA and through my photography I hope to help them feel beautiful, empowered and able to move mountains. It’s the most rewarding thing to have an actress call you up and tell you that she got the job and she couldn’t have done it without you!

JNL:  A headshot can either make or break an actress, do you take that into consideration when shooting?

CB: Absolutely, my main concern is that an actress finds success using my shots. I’m always aware that, besides the strength of their talent, a good headshot is the most important weapon they have in their arsenal. I have spent years working out the best method to create a photo that will express all of an actor’s talents on a single frame of film… that’s a very difficult thing! The key is for the photographer to be both a good director and a good audience during the shoot, being the motivating factor that draws out the talent inside and helps them project it through one revealing expression on their face and in their eyes.

JNL: Can you tell us about your new project “Photo Philosophy”?

CB: I’ve always had a love affair with people, they all fascinate me. I have a deep respect for humanity and it’s a hobby of mine (strange as it may be) to find the beauty in everyone. So it’s been my goal for some time to do something that helped people see themselves in the same beautiful light that I see them. What I came up with was “Photo Philosophy”. The goal is to help people, especially women (who have the tendency to be very hard on themselves), feel good about who they are by creating a way for them to give back to the world when they might not have otherwise had the means to do so. I offer my headshots and other photography services at an affordable and often discounted rate, then give 50% of the net proceeds to a different charity every month. That way a person gets the services they need and the incomparable feeling of giving something back all at the same time. Plus, the charity benefits too! And actually, giving can be a selfish thing because it has so much benefit for the giver – there’s really no better feeling that the one you get when you provide something for someone who really needs it. In fact, the “philosophy” in Photo Philosophy refers to this phenomenon: The more you give to others, the more the Universe returns to you. I hope all women get the chance to experience that, they have the innate ability to see the truth in that statement better than any man can.

JNL: Why did you pick Elevate Hope Foundation, any factors that played into your decision?

CB: For my first charity I chose the “Elevate Hope Foundation” as the benefactor. This is a wonderful organization that enriches the lives of abused children through the healing gifts of art and music. Founded by some great women in the industry, it was the perfect choice because it encompasses 2 of the things I believe in most – bettering the lives of children and the true power of art and music to change the world.

JNL: Last but not least, you are offering an amazing deal this month, can you tell us about it?

CB: So to celebrate the grand opening of Photo Philosophy, I am giving everyone who books with me in the month of March, $75 off their headshot package. Plus, for every friend you refer you’ll get $25 off your own shoot and if you refer 3 friends, your headshots are free!
And another note: At the end of every month my plan is to invite everyone who shot with me that month to meet up and present the check to the charity all together, hopefully meet the people who run it and the kids who benefit from it. That way everyone gets an actual experience of giving.

Cathy Bono


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