REEL Lady: Casting Director Julie Goldman

JNL Media talks with Casting Director, Julie Goldman.

JNL: How did you know that you wanted to be in the film industryJG: It was my Mother’s, Charlene Goldman, contagious influence. Aaron Spelling hired her in the 70’s for the show “VEGA$”. She was very involved in the community already & there was no one in town to provide these services yet. She was quickly able to provide Actors, locations & even able to shut down highways & the Strip. I became fascinated with the inner workings of the production of making movies & TV shows.JNL: How long have you been doing casting? Any particular fields (commercial, film, tv) that you mainly do?JG: Since I was a girl, Mother made us all “Help Out”. Our clients are mostly Producers, Directors & Still Photographers. We love to keep our talent working, so no job is too big or small.JNL: What is the process to become a Casting Director, and what does one need to do in order to be successful?JG: To become a Casting Director you need a passion for the industry & a base of professional, fun & reliable actors, which Las Vegas certainly does. It also helps to be extremely flexible. To perform/react in a moment’s notice.JNL: You work for a pretty large casting company in Vegas that works with Extras, Goldman & Assoc, can you tell us about the company?JG: Yes. Goldman & Associates is a success. This is due to the great talent Las Vegas has. Without these talented people, we would not be the company we are today. They are the ones that make Goldman & Associates shine. We have been providing service to Las Vegas & Los Angeles for the last several years. The Goldman family has been in the film industry for 30 plus years.JNL: Many actors get their start doing background, what are the Do’s and Don’ts they should be aware of?JG:The Do’s…Have Fun. Be on-time, have wardrobe options requested, listen to direction at all times & be prepared for overtime. Overtime is very common. There is no such thing as an 8 hour day in film & television.The Don’ts……No-call/No-show. Wandering off-set, asking for autographs/photos. These actors think of us as colleagues, not fans.JNL: So you get a call saying that a film needs x number of background, the scene, dress, then access your database and pull those that match? Explain the process to us of casting background from beginning to end.JG: From the moment of the introduction to the project, I try to get a definite understanding of what the client is going for. We’ll certainly get the basics out of the way; the criteria for the shoot, age range, ethnicity, gender. The next step of the process can go in a couple of directions. Some clients like to look at headshots and resumes and make their own selections. In these cases, we’ll provide a link that we create from our database of the talent that matches their criteria. Other clients would rather I choose the talent. In either case, once the talent is chosen, we’ll check on the talents interest & availability & begin the booking process.JNL: When an actor doesn’t show up or causes a problem on set, how do you handle that?JG: Depending on the circumstance, they will never work with me again. My attitude is that they have just taken work from someone who really wanted or needed it.JNL: Any projects that you are working on currently? JG: We just wrapped on three major commercials, Vegas.Com, General Motors & Cici’s Pizza. We are now working on a promo for the Boyd Gaming Hotels. It’s been a slow start this year when normally we have 2-3 projects shooting in a week. It was mostly due to the WGA strike. We expect Las Vegas to pick-up. We have just come into the Las Vegas Film & TV season.JNL: What changes would you like to see for women in the film industry?JG: Women have such a creative side. I would certainly like to see more Women Directors & Women Directors of Photography.JNL: How do the actors/actresses out there find you?JG: The entertainment industry is a close knit community. Referrals & word-of-mouth is our main source. Goldman & Associates has a pristine reputation. We are hard working professionals & we treat talent the same. Actors, Actresses (Union or Non-Union) & Models can register & start a file with us on We do not charge to be in our files.Julie GoldmanGoldman & Associates702.232.4300  So any producers out there, make sure you connect with Julie, she can give you what you need!


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