REEL Lady: Makeup Artist Mar-lis Glen

REEL Lady on the Spot: Makeup Artist Mar-lis Glen

JNL Media: How long have you been doing makeup?

Mar-lis: I’ve been doing makeup, professionally, for 3 yrs.

JNL Media: Any particular field of interest?

Mar-lis: Personally, I prefer working on films and modeling portfolios for creative freedom purposes :oD

JNL Media: Do you like working on film projects?

Mar-lis: I love working on films because the producers usually hand the MUA the script and basically gives you his/her complete trust in making the images of the characters, that were conjured up in their head, come to life. What people don’t realize is that when they are watching a movie, even the most subtle (natural) look, is a conscious decision made by the Key Makeup Artist/Designer.

JNL Media: Are there any drawbacks or dislikes?

Mar-lis: Makeup is an essential part of a film production and, a lot of the time, MUA’s are being underpaid. Since the job title seems somewhat “glamorous”, productions try to get us to work for as little as possible when, in fact, we put in a lot of long hours of standing up, applying & reapplying makeup and keeping actors looking shine-free (the most tedious, but needed, aspect) throughout the shoot day. It’s a really relevant position. So i’d suggest to anyone who wants to be one, to really master the craft and let your body of work negotiate a just rate of pay for your time and expertise.

JNL Media: Are you just getting started in the film industry?

Mar-lis: Compared to seasoned MUA’s, I’d be considered a newbie. But my first and last projects have been for film. I’ve been really busy.

JNL Media: Do you work on low budget or student films?

Mar-lis:  I would and do work on low budget and/or student films. If I believe in the project after reading the working script, then I will definitely jump on board, unless there is a schedule conflict or the rate of pay is almost insulting. :oD

JNL Media: What necessary steps did you take to build a strong portfolio?

Mar-lis: Well I began by testing with many diversely talented photographers. I do not only look for excellent photos, but also for other factors including friendly and effective communication between the photographer and I. Similar visions for the work we’d like to create- sort of bouncing ideas off of each other for theme, lighting,and color scheme purposes. All of that goes into producing a great working portfolio. *A beautiful model wouldn’t hurt either *:o)

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Mar-lis Glen


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